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8 things you might not know about us

Dear reader,

I would like to introduce our company Yellow Coconut Ltd as a list of 8 things you might not have known before.

1 - This year we will turn 5 years old!

Creative Design Studio Yellow Coconut was founded in 2013 by us, Jenni Laurila and Ari Loukasmäki. We started out as a side project during our studies and other jobs. We concentrate on surface design but we have done some surprising projects too.

2 - We are crazy about writing

We have written two full-length historical drama theater plays together and me, Jenni, I have done some other scripts as well for small-scale commercials and music videos. I was also working as a monthly guest columnist for Ilkka for 2017-2018. Ilkka is a regional daily newspaper in Southern Osthrobothnia, Finland. I was writing in Finnish about current topics. If you have some project including writing, I'm interested in hearing about it!

3 - Patterns are our one true passion

After couple of months from founding the company, I applied to join the textile designer collective Studio Hilla. I was lucky to be accepted! All of us are independent entrepreneurs but we work as a team to offer more styles at once for textile manufacturers and other clients and to share marketing costs for example. During these years Studio Hilla has grown to be relatively known name in textile industry especially in Finland.

4 - Knitwear everywhere

In January 2017, I saw the announcement in Facebook that the entrepreneur of Storyteller knitwear brand called it quits and was eager to sell her business. I called her about more information and after couple of months we found ourselves moving back to our home region and arranging a small scale knitwear production facility. See more about our knitwear in here.

5 - New location

Our business was founded in Vantaa, Finland and I've been doing business during my exchange period from Madrid, Spain. We had an office in Helsinki too for some time but our location is currently in Kurikka, Southern Osthrobothnia, West Finland. We are both originally from the area.

6 - Where is Ari

Ari's name is no longer in contact page. Where is he? Ari is currently studying more so we decided to take his name off. I would be answering anyway for e-mails and such so it is easier if his contacts are not there at the moment. You can still spot him helping me out sometimes!

7 - So what do you exactly do?

If you are in need of a repeated ready-for-production pattern design, illustrations, product or collection design in clothing and textiles field, don't hesitate to contact us. See more in Info- and Work-sections. I have studied textile design, fashion and creative direction and I am currently doing collection design for Jokipiin Pellava, a weaving mill specialized in home textiles made of linen.

8 - Happy Strawberry

We get quite often questions about our name. What does it mean and why we have picked it up. First of all, yellow coconut is a legit plant that grows in South East Asia, Malaysia, for example, but we found out that later. I had seen a company which had a cute name. I don't remember which was the name exactly anymore, but let us call that as a Happy Strawberry. We decided that it was a good reference and starting point. Some funny adjective and a name of some plant. We decided quite early that coconut would be great because it's almost the same in most languages. We definetily didn't know how hard it would be to decide the adjective-part! It took us two full days. We had decided to make a small roadtrip to celebrate after we had figured out the name. During the second day, we knew that, no, we will never get the name and went off to the roadtrip anyway. We went to have a dinner in a restaurant named Amarillo, yellow in Spanish, and then Ari said, how about Yellow Coconut. So here it was.

Which ones did you know in advantage?

Best regards,


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